Opening : Ofpra office in Mayotte

Since the 24th octobre, an Ofpra office is open in Mayotte.

On 24 October 2022
Antenne de l'Ofpra à Mayotte
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Asylum applications submitted in this territory now follow the procedure set out in Decree No. 2022-211 of February 18, 2022 adapting certain provisions relating to the procedures for processing asylum applications in Mayotte and rectifying the provisions applicable in Guadeloupe , Guyana and Martinique.

First you need to go to the One Stop Shop in Mamoudzou. You will be given an asylum application form, along with a certificate of asylum application.

From the day on which this form is submitted by the prefecture, you have 7 days to complete it and hand it in at the offices of Ofpra, in Mamoudzou, whose address appears on the form.

You will be given a document containing three important information :

•    The letter of introduction, which proves that you have submitted an asylum application to Ofpra and that your application is being investigated ;

•    A summons for an asylum interview ;

•    A summons for the delivery of the decision in person.

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