I want to renounce my protection

The renunciation of international protection means the beneficiary taking it upon themselves to terminate the protection they have been granted

In which circumstances can you file a request of renunciation for you and your children?

If you consider that the circumstances which had led to the granting of your protection and/or to that of your children no longer exist and that you can once again claim protection from the authorities of your country of origin and/or return there free of fear.


What are the consequences of a renunciation ?

  • The loss of the legal and administrative protection exercised by Ofpra

Ofpra no longer be able to provide you with the civil status documents (birth certificate, mariage certificate...) you will need.

To obtain identity and civil status documents (passport, birth certificates, etc.), you will need to ask at the consulate or embassy of your country of origin.
It is possible that your country of origin will not acknowledge events which have taken place in France since the granting of your protection (marriage, births, etc.).

  • The loss of the right to stay as a beneficiary of international protection

You will have to obtain a residence permit from the prefecture for a different reason than that of the protection granted by Ofpra (private and family life, spouse of a French citizen, parent of a French child, etc.) to be able to continue to reside in France in accordance with articles L. 424-6 or L. 424-15 of the Code on the Entry and Residence of Foreigners and the Right of Asylum ( CESEDA ). If you have been resident on French territory for less than 5 years, your residence permit or multiannual residency card may be removed as the case may be.

  • The possible loss of legal and administrative protection for your spouse and children

If they obtained protection as a family unit or as an extension of your protection, your spouse and your children may lose their status.

To summarise, the renunciation of your protection will lead to the prefecture re-examining your right to stay. You will have to be able to present a valid passport.

What steps should I take with Ofpra to file a request for renunciation ?

  1. Update your postal address on Ofpra's website, under the tab "My online procedures"
  2.  Complete a form for renunciation by a person aged 18+ and send it to Ofpra by post or by email to renonciation[a]ofpra.gouv.fr (you can download this form at the bottom of this page)

What should I do once I have received a decision confirming my renunciation ?

You will have to approach the consular authorities of your country of origin and the prefecture of your place of residence to update your situation with respect to your right to stay in France.

Attention : the decision confirming the renunciation is final. If you wish to go back on your decision and benefit once again from international protection, you will need to file a request for re-examination of yourself and your children as the case may be.


Mis à jour le 30 August 2023