Data confidentiality policy

In accordance with European Regulation n°2016/679 regarding data protection from April 27, 2016 (GDPR) and amended Data Privacy Act n°78-17 from January 6, 1978, Ofpra ensures the protection, confidentiality as well as the security of personal data used under the framework of any processing implemented by the establishment, including that which was collected via online services on its website.

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Which online services on Ofpra’s website process personal data ?

From Ofpra’s website, you can :

  • access your personal digital space, as an asylum seeker using the electronic procedure outlined in article R 531-18 of the Code of Entry and Residence of Foreigners and the Right of Asylum ( CESEDA ) making it possible for Ofpra to send letters to asylum seekers, specifically their summons to the personal interview and the decision by Ofpra’s general director regarding their asylum application.

On Ofpra’s website you can :

  • carry out a request to change your mailing address and/or email address and telephone number as an asylum seeker or protected person ;
  • request a marriage certificate, birth certificate or death certificate as a protected person.


Who should I contact to ask a question regarding the use of my personal data or exercise my Data Privacy rights ?

You can contact Ofpra’s Data Privacy Officer (DPO) at the following address dpo[a] or contact the National Information Science and Liberties Commission (CNIL).

What is my personal data used for ?

Your browsing on the Ofpra website allows you to access online services and general information regarding the asylum procedure, Ofpra’s activities and missions. A browsing tracking mechanism is used, via internet cookies, when you visit this website. Pursuing different purposes (the proper functioning of the website, the collection of statistics related to browsing on Ofpra’s website, browsing on social media), these cookies make it possible for the site to operate in an optimal manner.


How long is my personal data saved ?

The personal data collected via the user’s space are saved for at least one year after Ofpra’s general director’s decision has been notified.
Personal data related to personal records and changes to address/telephone numbers submitted on Ofpra’s website are automatically destroyed after they are received by Ofpra.

The conservation period for cookies varies depending on their purpose :

  • Cookies that are essential for the website to properly function are saved for 3 months ;
  • Cookies that are essential for the statistics to properly function in order to help improve the website are saved for 1 year ;

You can oppose their use and remove them by modifying the parameters of your browser. However, your user experience might be downgraded.

  • The cookies that are essential for browsing on social media (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) and watching videos (YouTube) from Ofpra’s website are conserved for a period of time determined by these different publishers.


Who receives my personal data and who has access to it ?

Personal data are meant for Ofpra agents. They only remain on the website long enough to be collected by Ofpra’s back office, no more than 30 minutes max.



Mis à jour le 30 November 2022